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Many older pianos (and pump organs) are fine instruments with great sentimental value. However, over many decades, an instrument’s appearance will deteriorate. The finish will be faded, scratched, dried out and possibly water-damaged. The keys may be yellowed and chipped (see Refurbishing). Metal hinges and locks have dulled and pedals are worn and need replating.

Have your piano or pump organ refinished to its original color or even have the color changed. Our refinishing process includes more than just a beautiful satiny smooth case. Pedals get replated, hinges and locks are polished. The piano name decal, all rubber bumpers and decorative felt (above keys, around pedals, etc.) are all replaced. Attention to detail makes the difference.

Your piano or organ can be beautiful again. You want the best for your instrument. So do we! Call Heritage Piano in Edmonton at 780-450-5677